2005 Hope for the Family

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The More We Recognize Miracles, the More We Experience Them - Christ stated that people will not believe in God until they see signs, miracles of God. This applies to unbelievers as well as believers. The more we recognize God's intercession and guidance in our life and relationships, the stronger will our faith grow. How and why does this happen?
A Few Thoughts on the Importance of History for the Christian
The Protector of All
Hope: The Intentional Effort to Build Trust - Hope is not wishful thinking or simply having a positive attitude, such as seeing the glass half full as opposed to half empty. If it were a matter of attitude, why would St. Paul state: "Faith, hope, and love."? So the Christian understanding of "Hope" is much more powerful and empowering that many envision. So what is then "Hope," Who is the "Hope," and how can it strengthen our relationships? [Some of the Seminar highlights are presented here.]
The Religious Programs I wish I had As A Young Mother  - Childbirth in itself is an overwhelming experience. Yet, raising a spiritually strong youngsters can be overwhelming as well. What are the Church programs that this mother would have liked to have had when she was raising her children?
The Disappearing Act: Young People from the Church During the College Years - Often going off to college becomes synonymous with going away from Church. Why? What are some of the religious programs and ways that can reach out to college students? 
Armenian Parents Being Protective of Their Daughters - Yes, Armenian parents are protective of their daughters. Why? How do the college and high school female students feel about their parents' protectiveness? Would they do the same when they grow up?
The Cyberspace Perspective - This site has received more than 100,000 hits during 2005. What did the visitors read and what were the topics for which prayer requests were made?