He took the bread and blessed, and broke it,
and gave it to them. And their eyes were opened
and they recognized him. (St. Luke 24:30-31)

2007 First Issue Hope for the Family

Contents -

The Hopeful Generation – A generation of people comes forth that wants to look forward and live a progressive, meaningful, and spiritually uplifting life. This is the story of the generation of Armenians who have the sense of hope to live such a meaningful and inspiring life.

The Special Mission of the Armenian Clergy  - Reflections by HH Vazken I of blessed memory

How Americans View God – A review of a study conducted by a major US Christian university on how Americans view God. Implications for men and women, and the Armenian community are also discussed.  

Christianity Shaping the Armenian Spirit    

Discovering God’s Response to Our Request      

Excerpts from Pray and God Answers             

Is it Worth Remaining an Armenian? – A reflection by the late Catholicos of All Armenians, HH Vazken I on whether or not it is worth remaining an Armenian.

Being an Armenian University Student -  Armenian university students discuss why they are getting higher education and they hope to accomplish through the advanced insights they gain. They discuss what this means to them individually, to their families, and their community.

Loneliness Gets a Firmer Grip – The review of studies by major universities indicates that more and more people are becoming lonely in the United States. This is a discussion of the loneliness of various groups and the realization that the root cause is spiritual.

Nobility: A Biblical Perspective – Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of human nobility. Unlike hypocritical worldly nobility that is attempted to be bought, this nobility emanates from the spirit. Christ showed that even under the most difficult situations such as his Passion, he did not lose this nobility. This is the nobility for which every one of us is called to.

The Spiritual Strength of the Noble Armenian Women – During a most difficult moment in Armenian history, the noble Armenian women have been able to set aside their comforts and luxuries, and by turning to God, they have been able to raise a generation of courageous, forward looking, and highly educated Armenians. This is a description of their experience.

Working Biblically Wiser – The Bible gives us many insights to work wisely so that we may not only be able to live a responsible financial life, but also be able to enjoy taking care of our families, and have time for them, us, our community, and of course, for God.