Can America's genius for invention endure?

By Jane O’Brien

Summarized by Dingilian

            New inventions are made year after year in the United States, and some even say this year there will be record number processed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. David Kappos, director of the US Patent and Trademark Office, agrees that the “spirit is alive every bit as much as it was 200 years ago.” However, there is one major problem - because of the recession these days, there are concerns that paying for scientific research has decreased.

            However, despite the fact that Americans like to invent, China is challenging their innovation and technology. China's investments on research and development are second to the United States. The US Patent and Trademark Office says, “Half of the US patent filings this year will come from foreign inventors.” America's under-investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics may lead to a crisis in innovation in the next few years. "The grand experiment of the 19th Century brought us to where we are today, and the US is still at the forefront of innovation," says Mr. Massey. "But the rest of the world is catching up.”

            In addition, what about the inventions that cause pollution, emit greenhouse gases, ruin supplies of clean water and destroy animal habitats? “This attitude of the limitlessness of nature in the US is a myth we need to dispel” proves that the United States should care more about Mother Nature. "It was already evident in the 19th Century with the demise of the buffalo that this wasn't actually accurate. Yet we continue to go forward in some areas of our industry as if the health of our natural systems is something we don't need to be concerned about."

            To conclude, while America processes more inventions each year, it adds on to the problems with the budget crisis, Mother Nature, and China is still catching up. It would be nice if Americans could make more inventions to help save the environment instead of just for businesses and industries!

            The hopeful side is that for people of all ages, the United States is one of the most opportune areas for innovation.