Anger and turbulence as signs of change


            The root discussion by some modern psychologists is that the teen years do not have to be turbulent and in fact are not so, as mentioned above.  But why does it matter, if at all?  Is it a matter of observation or an attempt to justify that anger and turbulence should not exist in human relationships?  So we really have to ask ourselves, especially as parents: Are anger and turbulence in the teen years ‘good’ signs or ‘bad’ ones? 

            It seems that anger, turbulence, or rebellion in a relationship are seen as negative signs.  Grant you, no parent wants to listen to the teen’s temper tantrums, and go through the guilt of a youngster saying that we as parents have not done a good job.  However, if we as parents understood why the youngsters are angry and turbulent, and why they focus their anger towards us, then we would be in a better position to respond to their needs.  After we spend a stressful day dealing with their anxieties and criticisms, we will have a greater sense of fulfillment because we will realize that the young ones are growing into adults.