This is part of the ‘One Civilization, One Church, and One Family’ series of books and seminars.


‘Civilization’ represents God’s presence and guidance for humanity to grow in understanding of life and that which is necessary to continue to uphold and progress life supporting choices in the faces of challenges in life. Maintaining a genuine progressive Civilization over the centuries is much more difficult than many expect. It requires a strong Faith, the courage to express and live by that Faith, and the creativity to find the meaning and direction towards that Faith within the contemporary global circumstances and challenges. This is the Perfection of God that the Armenian Civilization strives for. 


‘Church’ is the community within which life is transformed from that which is seen to that which is genuinely lived with heart, mind, soul, and power. The Church is the community within which people learn to live together as a community, and through their compassionate and progressive beliefs, create a brighter vision of life and prepare a new generation, as they appreciate and take care of the earlier generations by living the exemplary life as Christ, the Apostles, and the Armenian Christian communities demonstrated and maintained.


‘Family’ is the entity within which life takes flesh and blood, is nurtured physically and spiritually, and is prepared to live and progress in life regardless of the challenges that one faces. It is within this very visible and concrete living reality that a human being comes to life, prepares, and launches his or her life to be a contributing member of the Church and a noble participating member of God’s plan and Providence for the Armenian Civilization and humanity at large.


These series of ‘Hopeful Teen’ are a part within this larger ‘One Civilization, One Church, and One Family’ way of life and will bring greater knowledge, dialogue, and enlightenment to strengthen the individual person, family, Church community, and civilization. As stated in the body of this work, the teen years are extremely important years for developing creativity, values, and relationships. The values gained and issues faced during these teen years never go away. Rather, they remain and are continuously transformed into great meaning and a clearer direction in life. This work helps bring greater understanding, creativity, and sharing to these hopeful teenage years of life.