This is the database of videos and clips from various events and occasions. Next to each picture is a description of the collection.

Mayeesee Dzagheek

The Mayeesee Dzagheek
The Mayeesee Dzagheek is a play the Riverside Church Youth Group put on in honor of Thanksgiving. Filled with humor, the play is a joy to watch.
Youth Leadership Retreat Series
Click to enter the Youth Leadership Retreat Series Page Ten youth sit to discuss the topic of leadership. Not just what makes a leader, but how parents can encourage their children to be leaders and what challenges Armenian students face in school.
Overcoming Challenges Series
Click to enter the Overcoming Challenges Series Page In only an hour, Rev. Dr. Fr. Stepanos Dingilian discusses his knowledge of overcoming challenges based on his books and experiences. A must-see for all.
Hope Series
Click to enter the Hope Series Page This is the introduction to a new series about Hope, and especially how Armenians have used it in the community in the past and in the present. More to come soon.