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Hope for the Family is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring out the hopeful in each and every one of us, especially in the family. Hope for the Family focuses mainly on bringing hope to families through the teachings of the Armenian Church and the Bible, and many of the articles are focused on these topics.

Rev. Dr. Fr. Stepanos Dingilian has a PHD in Theology and Psychology, specifically in the area of hope. This website is a complement to the yearly periodicals and books published.

The Hope for the Family periodical is published once every one or two years. Each periodical consists of a compilation of stories and articles by famous Armenian writers and priests about aspects of the Armenian Church and daily life associated with it.


Here are the contents for Volume XV, First Issue 2010: (Look Below for Older Issues)


Not Just "Family Values," but "Armenian Family Values"

Rev. Dr. Fr. Stepanos Dingilian
These days people often speak of family values. It is extremely popular throughout the world and various cultures. This is especially true where societal life has become chaotic and uncertain. Yet, the family values represented by these cultures may not be what is meant by family values in this periodical, and what is reflected by the "Armenian Family Values." In fact, there could be huge differences!
The Beauty of the Spiritual Life and the Spiritual World

His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian in Spiritual Reflections
Christ our Lord is the source of the spiritual life and the spiritual world. A Christian who follows Christ in words and in deeds is constantly enriched with the divine presence. The strength we receive through the messages of Christ our Lord transforms our spirituality with countless blessings, which help us understand the true significance of the gift of life.
Prayers - Then and Now

translation by Rev. Dr. Fr. Stepanos Dingilian
This page is a collection of three prayers: two by St. Kreekor Narekatzi and a communion by Very Rev. Fr. Dajad Dz. V. Yardemian. The prayers display similarities between prayers then - and prayers now.


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