What did you do this summer?


"I went to Mexico. I went in the ocean. I had so much fun. I went in the deep end. It was a family vacation. It was very beautiful and peaceful. It was a great trip."



"I went to Mexico. They had a kid's club for kids. I had so much fun at my vacation. See you later, alligator."



"I went to New York and I saw the Empire State Building. It was really tall and we went to the very top. And then we went to the Statue of Liberty, and saw all the artifacts. We went to this really old church that has all these gifts which are Armenian. We went inside the church, which had air conditioning, and had really good artifacts. We went to Ground Zero where the Twin Towers were destroyed."

                                    - NGS


Now, what did you do in the summer of 2008? Coming up...


    Have you had anything unusual happen lately? Do you have a piece of advice for somebody based on an experience you had? Did you go on a trip or visit a historical area? We would like to hear it (with your permission, of course)! Write up your story and contact KKD as soon as possible.