The Perfect Friendship Quiz


How do you know if you are a perfect friend? Take this test and look at the number of questions you answered "Yes." Then look at the criteria at the bottom of the page and see how you did!

1. When you friend is sick, do you call him/her to make sure he/she is okay?


2. Do you  offer help to your friend when needed?


3. Do you keep in touch with your friend, even after being apart for a while?


4. Do you talk to your friend when you are troubled?


5. Do you invite your friend over to have fun?


6. Do you and your friend trust each other?


7. Do you care about your friend?


8. Do you and your friend work on assignments together?


9. Does your friend depend on you to help him/her?


10. Do your and your friend's parents know each other?



The Results:


8 - 10: Great Job! You're the friend anybody wants!

6 - 8: Keep it up! You get along fine!

4 - 6: Nice: You're the average friend.

2 - 4: You maybe have only one or two close friends. Keep it up!

0 - 2: What? You should try making friends more often!

Whatever your score was, you can always be the perfect friend!