Ten Things to Do Before School Starts


1. Relax

   The last thing you need before school starts is a stressed mind to do homework.

2. Sleep

    Getting enough sleep before the first week or so of school will have your mind wake up to a fresh start.

3. Double-Check

    Making sure you have all your school supplies so you don't miss out on any homework!

4. Become Friends

    It is always nice to have someone other than family to talk about homework problems. Also, you won't feel left out when school starts.

5. Be Confident

    Teachers always like students who are interested in learning. Build a good reputation for yourself.

6. Eat!

    Eating a healthy breakfast before school will make it easier to concentrate in class.

7. Pray

    Always pray to God so that you'll know you start on the right foot.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice

    Practice the skills you learned at school the previous year so you won't forget what you learned. It's easier to learn something new.

9. Technology

    Have somewhere to store your data and work so you don't lose it in the middle of the year.

10. Get Organized

    Organization will lead to a successful school year.