You and Your Parents...


Why listen to your parents? You may think that they are too bossy, or they order you around too much. However, it is a way of showing that they love you. Of course, discipline counts most of the time, if you hit your sister or brother, or broke your mother's favorite vase. Just understand that your parents become angry not for the vase, or whatever happened, they just don't want you to get hurt.


My parents don't let me go to certain places or hang out with my friends. I want to go! Why won't they let me?


Your parents always have the better judgment of your friends than you do. They can see things that you can't. For example, you might meet this new kid at school and suddenly grow attracted to that person. You want to believe that he or she is the best person in the world. However, your parents are more cautious, and want you to play with people they know. After all, you don't know who your friend's parents are. You don't know their personal life. And not every friend turns out to be true in a time of need. Trust your parents, even when you doubt them.


I have always wanted a video game console for myself or brothers and sisters. But my parents won't get me one. Why? What should I do?


Your parents know what is best for you. There are many influential games in the markets today, some that can be reached by many youngsters even though the game may be inappropriate for their age. Your parents might fear that violent video games may influence you to do bad things, like become more aggressive or start to not get along with people. Also, video game consoles and their games may cost too much for your family. Find some other way to entertain yourself when bored. When the whole family is together, dig out the old board games from the closet and have a family fun night. Or make your own games. There are endless possibilities!