Shoushan Arganyan

It’s difficult when my family

Takes the things I say and misunderstands me

“you said this but you meant that”

“you did this but you meant that”

Conversations continuing with no end

Slowly stretching like a rubber band

And then….SNAP!!!

It’s a wrap

The argument is done

I’ve lost and they’ve won

It doesn’t matter what I do or say

Because no one pays attention anyway

They present their side of the story

And take away my pride and glory

It doesn’t matter whether I’m wrong or right

They’re older, I should know better than to put up a fight

Not given a chance to explain my side

The real me always wants to hide

To hide all my passion, love, and laughter

To not get to enjoy my happily ever after

It makes me want to go away from my family

Somewhere where I can rest and regain my sanity

So as not to constantly live in doubt and fear

To return happy and joyful to those I love dear

Slowly though I feel like I’m in entering depression

It hurts more when people get the wrong impression

I want to change myself and I don’t know how

God please help me change, please start now

Change me back to the happy and reserved person I used to be

To be able to live a happy, joyous, fulfilling life and be free

Free from all the evil and hatred that I’m around

To place my feet firmly on the ground

To be happy and proud

I know you’re there and I know you can hear me

I know you’ll help me be the best person I can be

As I reach out to you on this troubled day of mine

I know you’re reaching back and you’ll make it all fine

My deepest love and appreciation goes out to you

I’ll spend the rest of my life and eternity serving you.