The Hopeful Side


There is a hopeful side to every matter. In fact, there is a hopeful side to every situation if we choose to discover it and see it with our own eyes.


As simple and awesome as this may sound, discovering and seeing the hopeful side of a situation is not that easy. It takes time, effort, and even humility for us to look at a situation objectively, take responsibility for it, approach it with humility, and finally pray about it and be ready to discover the other side of the story. When we accomplish all this, we inevitably discover the hopeful side of a situation that we may be struggling with.


We read that “God works all things for the good for those who believe.” Yet, we have to take responsibility for our actions, believe, and be hopeful in order to see how God has worked out that which is good for us.


Yes, there is a hopeful side to every situation, and we can discover it only if we look for it in a hopeful way.


The situations in these short articles show how every situation we see and experience around us has a hopeful side.


Visit this site and read stories often in order that you too may discover the hopeful side of your experiences.


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