Overcoming Loneliness Through Spiritual Growth

© by Dér Stépanos Dingilian, Ph.D.

            Recently a number of reports have been published that indicate that loneliness is on the rise. This loneliness affects young people, college students, adults of all backgrounds, and those who are in their senior years. How can this loneliness be overcome? Loneliness is overcome by developing hope through spiritual growth.

            Hope is a theological or spiritual term, but not a psychological one, that refers to the human being’s ability to wholeheartedly pursue an objective because one thinks that it is important. Interestingly hope develops as a result of trust. The two – hope and trust – go hand in hand. If a person cannot trust, that person cannot develop hope. Likewise, if a person cannot apply one’s ability to hope, that person cannot maintain and strengthen one’s sense of trust. People become and remain lonely because somewhere along their life, either they have not been able to trust or their trust was betrayed, or they have not had the opportunity to apply their trust by hoping for and attaining that in which they believed. All these are spiritual matters, meaning they relate to one’s Faith. In fact, for anyone to overcome loneliness, it is imperative that that person be able to trust God, just as Christ did.

            In conclusion, it is clear that loneliness is pervasive. Persons often do not realize until later on in life as they look back and discover that their life was wasted or isolated. It is never too late to overcome loneliness, and the place to begin is to spiritually develop hope in God and at least one other fellow human being.