Praying for a Soul Mate

By Dér Stépanos Dingilian, Ph. D. © 2002

Below are listed a set of steps that can help you organize and shape your prayers pertaining to marriage and a soul mate in life. As you go through each step, make sure that you modify it to fit the relationship that you believe exists between God and you, and your relationship with others around you.

1st. Thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you so far. 
         Reflection question
: What are the blessings that you have received in life?

2nd. Ask God to help you overcome your shortcomings and vulnerabilities.

Reflection Question: Where do you fall short from living a Christian Way of Life where you need God’s help to live a more Christ-like life? Note: ‘A Christian Way of Life’ is based upon: Love God with heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.

3rd. Convey to God a vision of life that you would like to pursue as the purpose in your life.

Reflection Question: How do you want to live, what purpose do you want to aim for in life, and what would like to accomplish in life? In short, how do you see yourself living 5, 10, 20 years from now and why?


4th. Ask God to give you a soul mate who will complement you in your life’s vision as well you complementing the other person’s vision in life.
         Reflection Question
: How would a soul mate add to your efforts in attaining your purpose and vision in life, and how will you help the other person attain his or her purpose and vision in life?

5th. Ask God to help you understand how living in a committed union together with another person, based upon the Christian Way of Life as described in the Church, will add to your life in a way that you cannot attain by yourself, nor even imagine it. This will open your horizon of hopes and aspirations onto a vision you had not seen before.
Reflection Question: How will living with a soul mate in a committed Christian relationship add to your life in a way that you cannot do individually by yourself, nor even envision it?


6th. Ask God to show you a person with the personal characteristics that can help you attain your vision of life, and for whom you can do the same in a reciprocating manner.
          Reflection Question: What are the personal characteristics for which I am looking for in a soul mate and how am I willing to give of myself to help another attain his or her vision in life?


7th. Ask God to give you a sign by which you will know and recognize a potential soul mate.
Reflection Question: Read Genesis Chapter 24 that described the way God showed Abraham’s servant the soul mate for Isaac. What sign would you look for from God to see if a person you meet, who qualifies for all the above criteria, is a potential soul mate for you, as well you for the other?

            The effectiveness of any prayer depends upon you, your relationship with God, how effectively you can implement your beliefs in life through God’s help, and can communicate with fellow human beings. The above is one general approach. The key is for you to eventually discover your own unique one.

* * * * *